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New Shirts Are In!! Coozies On The Way!

The new ‘Drink A Lot – Make Poor Decisions’ shirts are in and have been selling well! WE now have coozies coming later this week as well. If you are interested in getting a shirt, coozie or more, check out the new package deals below and let us know! Just click the graphic to see all the deals!

New Merch Options!

TBT Release – LIVES Volume III

So for todays TBT, I’m releasing the only EP I ever recorded that DIDNT get released! Back in 2009/2010 I had a thing called The LIVES Project. Too much to go into here, but it was supposed to be four volumes. The first two were released and #3 was ready to go for April 2010, but due to various reasons, it didnt. Most of the songs found homes on other various releases of mine except one….’Five Day Bender’. I decided that it was about time to give this its proper life and release as a whole EP as it was meant to be. Its available ONLY on and for download. There won’t be physical copies. The other two LIVES EPs that were released are sold out and available as downloads as well.

SO…that said, I give to you (five years later than expected)…LIVES Volume III. I hope you check it out and enjoy it.

You can get it here…

Watch for my NEW EP ‘True Believer’ coming this summer!!


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New T-Shirts Available Starting Next Week!!

TAKING ADVANCE ORDERS! NEW TEES will be in NEXT WEEK! If you are interested in one of the new “Drink A Lot, Make Poor Decisions’ Tees, you can order them now! Available in Sm, Med, Lg, XL & XXL sizes.

To order one, simply paypal me at The shirts will be $15 each (shipping included), but if you’re in KW, you can pick them up at the shows starting next week!

Please include your size(s) you want and your address in the notes section. As soon as they come in, they’ll will ship out within a day.

I’m excited to get these in stock!

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Week #10 – Monday Free MP3!! ‘Coming Back To You’…

Week #10 – Monday Free MP3!! Here is ‘Coming Back To You’ from the unreleased ‘LIVES Volume III’ but then used as a Bonus Track on my ‘Best Of’ CD!! Hope you enjoy! Make sure to sign up for the mailing list so you can download it free! It features the amazing BRIAN FECHINO on guitars!!

Happy Monday!!


Week #8 – FREE Mp3 Giveaway – ‘Fly’.

Week #8 – This weeks FREE Mp3 Giveaway is ‘Fly’ from the TAG ‘FOREWARD’ CD! Just click the link below to download the song! Hope you enjoy!

TAG - Foreward

Week #7 – TBT Throwback Video – TAG!

Week # 7 – This Weeks TBT Throwback Video Song…We go back to March 2011 and my band TAG in a rehearsal for our Spring Break shows at Spinnaker Beach Club in Panama City, FL. The band was Tom Darby, Greg Marsted, Dave Willard & special guest Maurice Mangum. We rocked a killer batch of shows for Spring Break and had a blast. We were rehearsing the Bruno Mars song ‘Just The Way You Are for trhe show and recorded it. So here ya go! From our hotel room in Panama City, FL….TAG – ‘Just The Way You Are’. I love Greg playing the sofa for percussion…just makes it that much better! LOL…

Week #7 – Monday Free MP3 – ‘Losing Me’ from the 2012 Lucky #9 EP!!

Week #7 – Monday Free MP3 – ‘Losing Me’ from the 2012 Lucky #9 EP!!

Hope you enjoy

JT LUCKY #9 CD Cover Large

You Can Now Directly Order Johns Custom String Sets!

For all those yesterday who inquired about ordering John Taglieri Custom string sets from Curt Mangan Strings, Here is a direct link to them! Also, if you use TAG20 in the coupon code, You’ll get 20% off your order! Hows that?! If you do order, when you receive them, post a pic of them on social Media and tag John in it! Both acoustic and electric sets are now up!

John_Tag_12_54__75552.1423578985.480.480  John_Tag_10_48__14151.1423578868.480.480

Week #6 Free Mp3 – With You I Want To Be!

Week #6 – This weeks Monday Free MP3 Brings the song ‘With You I Want To Be’ originally from the 2008 ‘LIVES’ EP and then used for the 2010 TAG – ‘FOREWARD’ CD.

Just click this link to listen and download the song.
(*must be on the mailing list to download!)

We hope you enjoy!!

New John Taglieri Custom Branded String Sets!

We are proud to announce that John now has custom branded guitar string sets at Curt Mangan Strings! A note from John about it:
“I’m really excited to now have my very own custom John Taglieri Set of strings at Curt Mangan Strings! I’ve been sponsored by Curt Mangan Strings since 2005 and LOVE these strings and its really cool to have my own name branded sets now!

Guitarists, if you havent tried them yet, you’ll want to. Great tone, great QC, they last and they take a beating. Just a great string.”

You can go to and ask for yours today!